Why Europa?

At Europa, we constantly invest to increase the value we offer to our partners and clients. From continuous research and development to innovative aluminum solutions for your home and business, we focus on building sustainable long lasting relationships offering advanced experience with mutual benefit.
Our vision is to become your unique choice by providing luxury European innovative products and services for architectural and commercial use. Consistent with our core competencies, which are flexibility, reliability, sustainability and credibility, we are committed to building a better future by becoming the best in our field.

Come with us, as we can improve your quality of life together.

About us

For more than 40 years, we have worked to offer the added value needed. As part of the Tzirakian group of companies which specializes in building materials and applications of superior quality, we work with industrial designers, architects, engineers and developers to provide solutions suitable to your needs, as we pursuit excellence in all that we do.

Manufactured in Europe with Italian design and German components, our products’ presence in over 30 countries worldwide is ideally combined with our focus to our values, rewarding us with 3As assessments and totally satisfied customers. Our advanced high end systems are suitable for residential and commercial applications, environmental friendly while contributing to energy saving.

Also worth noting is that since our company's inception we have undertaken to be a role model for care and responsibility within the local communities by actively supporting initiatives and projects that promote the socio-economic growth, providing lasting sustainability.

Our Values

EUROPA is like Aluminum.

· Strong and reliable.

· Durable through time and corrosion.

· Flexible and versatile.

· Useful in many sectors and applications.

· Friendly towards people and the environment.